Affordable Care Dental Plan

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 1-99 Employees $35 per employee
10-199 Employees  $25 per employee
200+Employees $20 per employee

**$10 for each additional dependent**



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Our Services/Prices

  • Hundreds of Dentists
  • Save up  to 60%
  • Immediate Use
  • Low Cost Yearly Membership
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Everyone Qualifies
  • No Waiting Period
  • No Coverage Restrictions
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Care Credit Accepted At Most Dental Offices

Five Minute Application
Immediate Use
Excellent Plan for Dental Emergencies

Gather the names and contact information (address, phone number) for all your employees and their dependents and call our office at (888) 550-8895.  For larger numbers of employees and dependents fax the names and contact information to (866) 380-6337.  Then mail a check, money order or give credit card information to our customer service representatives.  Note:  We use PayPal for all credit card transactions.